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AquaJava, Inc.

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AquaJava, Inc.


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Knock Your Old Bottles Out COLD...GO BOTTLELESS!

water_cooler_breakingAquaJava Coolers are the undisputed champions in their class.  For a fixed rate, a fraction of the cost of bottled water, you can enjoy a continuous supply of pure and delicious drinking water without the hazards, hassles and high costs associated with 5-gallon bottled water coolers. This means no heavy lifting of 42-pound bottles. No contaminated water coolers to worry about. No more storing refills and empties.  No more disruptive deliveries.  No more taste issues.  No more difficult to read invoices.

Excite Your Taste-Buds With One Mean Cup Of Joe!



Our all New AquaJava Premium Blend Coffee is completely redefining traditional expectations of office coffee.  We have selected the most experienced roasters to put their expertise into creating a coffee for AquaJava that is unlike any other office coffee available.  With this new blend we are developing a higher standard for office coffee that exemplifies our dedication to quality, freshness, and flavor.  So, start your day off with a coffee worthy of your favorite mug.

Try AquaJava Premium Blend Coffee For Yourself!